Let's make a difference around the world!

Together We Can Make a Difference

Jesus called us to "go into all the world and preach the gospel" and this is a great way to reach people in some of the most remote parts of the world. With your generosity we can show people that God loves them. With every box given to a child eight people come to Christ. The toys and gifts are a tool though because after receiving a box each child has the opportunity to go to classes and learn how to share their faith with others.

What To Pack 

Packing a box is easy! You can start by thinking of the gender and age you want to bless. from there here are a few ideas you may want to include.
- School Supplies (crayons or markers)
- Toys (dolls or cars)
- Hygiene Items (hair brushes or hair ties)
- A WOW Item ( Stuffed Animal or Deflated soccer ball with pump)

Please don't include: 

Toothpaste, Candy or gum, Liquids or lotions, War related items, Glass or breakable items

Don't Forget A Special Connection

A personal touch to show you care is always recommended! Let a child know your name and that you are praying for them. You can even send a picture of your family. If you would like you can give them your address and ask them to write back to you and you may make a lifelong friend. 

Build A Box From Home 

This is the perfect option if you aren't able to go to the store and pick things up or if you just don't know what to buy. Your gift of $25 will cover all the items in a box along with the $9 shipping charge. Doing this is quick, simple, and safe. You Can start building your box now by clicking the Button below!